Company Vision

To empower value creation through property asset growth and management with knowledge, integrity and efficiency.



Company Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Empower our clients to build a knowledge based property portfolio.
  • Provide our clients the value-added services to grow and manage their portfolio.
  • Manage every aspect of a property’s lifecycle, from acquisition, return on investment, improvements and sale.



Company Profile

Over the last twenty years, the Real Estate industry has changed, globally!  We have witnessed a Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and how its impact has morphed global perceptions of property as an asset.

As never before, we have witnessed global events take their toll on the share market, impacting long term stable shares, making investments in this market even more risk prone.  This brings home the adage “safe as houses”.  What do we mean by this?  Investing in property, good old fashioned Australian “piece of dirt” land or bricks and mortar is still the most stable long term investment option.

As an organisation, we, at Walker Real Estate International are focused on empowering our clients to build property portfolios that will sustain them long into the future, bringing year-on-year growth to their portfolio.

We look to add value to our clients by enabling them to grow that international portfolio of property based assets, be they land bank assets or bricks and mortar assets through in-depth local market knowledge, based on our network of colleagues and partner organisations.

In the property management sector, manage properties within an 80km radius of the CBD.  We are one of the few companies in Melbourne to provide management and leasing services that spans over a large area encompassing various market segments.

In the sales sector, we provide a choice of properties, that are good investment options for our clients. At times, these properties are never advertised on the local market, thereby giving our clients an advantageous edge in building their asset portfolio. 

We provide local market intelligence, growth assessments, property management, complete build management and acquisition services, in the market of your choice. In addition, we have teamed up with financial planning organisations to add to the services, enabling a property portfolio customised to each of our clients.

The sales operations of our organisation includes international sales of Australian properties to the Asian subcontinent and beyond.



Company Profile

The team at Walker Real Estate has over 25 years’ experience in the Melbourne Real Estate market and are committed to providing value-added services to our clients who then go on to make safe investments in the 100-year-old, proven property sector.