Our Property Management department strongly recommend that you as the landlord, take a landlord’s insurance in addition to the obvious and common building insurance, prior to the tenant moving into the property.  This insurance covers items such as; loss of rental income, damage to property, loss and damage to building and legal liability. 

The claimable limit on each of these items may differ based on the policy offered by different insurers, so it is always a good idea to do your research before deciding on the Landlord Insurance that best suits your circumstances and property.

Emergency contact details

We have a list of qualified tradespeople who deal with maintenance issues daily, and as our valued tenant, kindly either phone or text the number below with the details of the issue and property address.   

This enables us to efficiently respond to your issue and aligns us with the Residential Tenancies Act.  

Walker International Emergency Contact: (+61) 429 868 086