Leasing and management process

Once a prospective tenant has viewed your property, they are asked to fill in a detailed application form.  Applications are completed by each adult who will be occupying the property. 

This form covers details of current and previous residences, employment history, personal references, the number of people occupying the property, in addition to personal identification like driver’s licence, passports or utility bills issued in their name. 

The property management team then carries our reference checks, and verify personal details.  Further to this, as a landlord, you are offered a safety net option to conduct a name check on the National Tenancy Database (NTD) that provides a detailed history of the tenant regardless of the state they previously resided in Australia. 

The application is then discussed with you and once you are completely satisfied that the recommended tenant is the right one for your property, the tenant is notified that they have been successful. In turn, they confirm their desire to proceed. 

An appointment is made with the tenant to complete lease sign up, rental deposit and key hand-over procedures, as the last step.

Once the tenant settles into the property, a scheduled property inspection is conducted every six months to ensure your property is well maintained during the life of the lease.

Emergency contact details

We have a list of qualified tradespeople who deal with maintenance issues daily, and as our valued tenant, kindly either phone or text the number below with the details of the issue and property address.   

This enables us to efficiently respond to your issue and aligns us with the Residential Tenancies Act.  

Walker International Emergency Contact: (+61) 429 868 086