Property Vacancy

Our goal is to ensure your property remains vacant for as short a time as possible.  To further enable this goal, our Property Management department will supply you - the landlord - with the rental evaluation that empowers you to make the right decisions for your investments and circumstances.

The right renal value is critical to ensure your property is well position in the rental market to be quickly snapped up by the right tenant.  We prefer that your property is rented on a fixed term twelve-month lease, giving you a stable rental income.

If your property remains vacant for more than a week, we commit to ensuring our Property Managers providing you with a weekly update on the number of inspections and enquires received in relation to the property.

Emergency contact details

We have a list of qualified tradespeople who deal with maintenance issues daily, and as our valued tenant, kindly either phone or text the number below with the details of the issue and property address.   

This enables us to efficiently respond to your issue and aligns us with the Residential Tenancies Act.  

Walker International Emergency Contact: (+61) 429 868 086