Rent Arrears

Ensuring good tenants ensures timely payment of rental monies.  The vast majority of tenants pay their rent on or before the due date. However, there are occassions when this does not occur and our actions at these time are as follows:-

  • More than 5 days overdue - an SMS reminder notice, followed by an email is sent to the tenant
  • More than 10 days overdue - an SMS, an email and a phone call advising of follow up actions
  • More than 14 days overdue - a notice to Vacate and a Residential Tenancies Tribunal hearing application are submitted
  • More than 15 days overdue - The above actions in addition to a Warrant of Possession for the property.


Emergency contact details

We have a list of qualified tradespeople who deal with maintenance issues daily, and as our valued tenant, kindly either phone or text the number below with the details of the issue and property address.   

This enables us to efficiently respond to your issue and aligns us with the Residential Tenancies Act.  

Walker International Emergency Contact: (+61) 429 868 086